How Not To Screw Up Your Kids with Dr Maryhan image


How Not To Screw Up Your Kids with Dr Maryhan


Doesn’t every parent want an independent, self-motivated, resilient child or teen who takes ownership of their learning (and revising), their bedroom, their behaviour, and their choices, and bounce back when life doesn’t quite go according to plan??  


Sound too good to be true?  It’s really not, but the secret is starting early and please don’t worry if you’ve already got a teen - all is not lost!!  

Independence breeds confidence and confidence leads to resilience. What distinguishes those who are the most successful in life is their ability to pick themselves up, dust themselves down, and start all over again!! I’ll share my top seven tips.   

Join me as I share how to raise confident, resilient kids who are happy to take on new challenges and bounce back when things go wrong.

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