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Thatchers Cider Garden


Feeling thirsty?


Thatchers have been making cider in Sandford, Somerset for four generations. They really love their apples – and their knowledge and passion for this beautiful fruit is reflected in its ciders which are full of flavour and with a distinct character all of their own.


You’ll find Thatchers ciders at this year’s Camp Bestival so you can soak up the atmosphere while enjoying a pint of Somerset’s finest. As well as Thatchers range of beautiful ciders, including Thatchers Gold, Haze & Rosé, you can also come along and try three new flavours – Blood Orange, Cloudy Lemon & Dark Berry.


The Thatchers Cider Garden can be found in the Castle Field where you can head up to sample their ciders and have a go on their all-new Blood Orange game with a chance to win cider each day!

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