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DJ BBQ Fire Feast


He’s the king of the coals, so we are delighted that festival land’s greatest grilling machine DJ BBQ will host a flaming great big gala of food and music at this year’s Camp Bestival.

Join DJ BBQ for the ULTIMATE party when our Lycra-clad hero will be accompanied by a host of sizzling friends for a frenzy of feasting and tastings across the weekend.

But of course, he’s not called DJ BBQ for his grill skills alone. Adding more than a soupcon of baking beats and roasting riffs, our host will be joined by friends galore for a series of incredible DJ sets that will ensure that whatever goes on those hips come right back off again. So, make your way to The Feast Collective in the Upper Kids' Garden because this is something not to be missed!

DJ BBQ Fire Feast

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