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Camping Plus is our unique initiative designed for all you campers that want to guarantee yourselves a reserved camping space - enough for large family-sized tents and everything that they entail!

Camping Plus gives peace of mind to Camp Bestival-goers who want to make sure they’ve got a camping plot reserved. Camping Plus gives you a prime 5m x 7m pitch and has its own dedicated car park (included in ticket price) and a dedicated entrance. Each plot is large enough for a family tent and all the kit you need when you’re camping with the kids. To make things even easier, when you go to book your Camping Plus plot, you can use our plot booking system - similar to when you book a theatre seat online - so you can choose exactly where you want to be in the Camping Plus field.



Camping Plus plots cost £180 (+booking fee / max of 2 adults and 4 children per plot) and are perfect not only if you know you won’t be arriving as soon as the gates open but also if you just want the comfort of knowing that you’ve got your camping space sorted. 

On the above map the rows run from A-Z then AA-ZZ where A is nearest to the amenities at the bottom of the picture and ZZ is at the top of the picture. 

Each plot is 5m (left to right) by 7m (top to bottom)
2 pitches lengthways will give you an area of 5m x 14m
2 pitches side by side will give you an area of 10m x 7m

Please note Camping Plus is for people with tents only. If you have a Campervan you need to buy a Campervan Ticket, or if you have a Caravan or Trailer Tent you'll have to buy a Caravan/Trailer Tent Ticket.

Camping Plus is:
A reserved pitch that you book in advance before arriving at Camp Bestival. In this campsite, there are food stalls, toilets and showers for the use of Camping Plus customers only. It is the flattest campsite area and allows you peace of mind as you travel to the festival knowing where you will be camped. Camping Plus is a great festival campsite that we work very hard to make as good as it can be, but please remember that we are still in a countryside field for a weekend away getting back to nature :)

Important Notes regarding Camping Plus:
- Every effort is made to make your booked pitch available but the land can be affected by unforeseen circumstances on-site and you may need to move to another pitch.

- No more than 2 adults can camp on any one pitch. If you have 3 or more adults, you will need another pitch.

- There are toilets and showers in Camping Plus but at peak times, the queues could be long. There are more showers available in Purple General Camping Field which can be used if needed.

- Showers in Camping Plus are open 07:00–13:00 and 16:00–20:00 daily. 

- People staying outside Camping Plus cannot come into the area.

- Pitches in rows A-D are closer to the production road and thus may experience some traffic noise overnight with vehicles servicing toilets and other amenities.
- Cars, campervans, caravans, motorbikes etc. are strictly not permitted in Camping Plus - if you cannot carry or pull it in, it is not allowed (mobility scooters are permitted for those with disabilities). 

- If you need help, please go to Camping Plus entrance who will deal with any queries and assist where and when possible.

Please see other terms and conditions as they also apply to Camping Plus. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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