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Funky Pineapple


If you attended Camp Bestival last year no doubt you would have seen Funky Pineapple’s infamous flavoured candy floss "that’s bigger than your head"! Back for their second year with the Feast Collective tent Natalie is looking forward to seeing your faces light up once again with her magic! You will find them just outside the tent with their very own pop up! Make sure you pop by for your favourite sweet treat stop. 

Backstage Bottomless All-Day Brunch


Cajun Rainbow

DJ BBQ Fire Feast

Funky Pineapple

Gyoza Guys

Hotbox Pizza

Khana Wala Bazaar

KONRO by The Smoking Lobster

Lils Street Food - A Middle Eastern Culinary Adventure



Mr Noodle

Mōrena Blend

Sharp's Brewery

The Feast Collective

The Feast Collective Bar

The Lille Fruit Cabin

Tico's Dirty Buns

Women's Institute Tea Tent