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Rebirthing Breathwork with Suki Humby


Rebirthing Breathwork - it’s like ten years of therapy in one session.


Suki Humby, founder of ‘Breathe with Suki’ is a trained breath and somatic therapist, a personal transformation coach and shamanic practitioner.


Suki has been on a path of self-exploration of mind, body, and soul since 2015, with a passion to help people create lasting and profound change in their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through a series of internationally hosted retreats and workshops.


Her expertise is fuelled by her own personal story after receiving a big catalyst for change, after a breast cancer diagnosis at aged 39. She delved deep into many powerful and often unorthodox healing modalities, but never was there ever anything so accessible, inclusive, and transformational as rebirthing breathwork.


The positive results she experienced in her first session were instant and mind blowing and propelled a journey to share the incredible technique and benefits to empower people to revolutionise their own lives.


Rebirthing connects us to our innate intelligence, flooding the entire mind-body system with life enhancing energy; releasing stress, emotions and stories that have long been held in the body.


It is the fundamental healer in altering your life experience to become a supercharged superhero, full of gratitude, compassion, confidence, and creativity. 


Your health is your wealth. Embrace your breathing and watch your life explode with opportunity and possibility. 


Join Suki at the Sleep Retreat tent where she will infuse her love for breathing and music to take you on a magical journey of self-discovery against a soundscape of deeply immersive and eclectic music.


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