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Khana Wala Bazaar


This summer, Khana Wala Bazaar introduces itself to the Camp Bestival family. 
Welcome to the street! A spot where everyone can find a festival feast. Curated by The Khana Wala Dude, the bizarre is a place to relax and refuel while enjoying the BEST mix of Indian and Pakistani food a festival has ever offered. Conjuring up the magic of street food stalls found all over the Indian sub-continent, this is not just a food stall it is a whole street of them! If you’ve never had the chance to explore the food hubs of Deli or Mumbai then this plethora of sensory delights will transport you to that world, where food is firmly at the heart of the community.
Founded by restaurateur, Mudassar Amjad, the Khana Wala Bazaar brings together the theatre, aromas and flavours that inspired and enriched his life when travelling around India and Pakistan. Mudassar understands that the excitement of Indian cuisine comes in the sampling of many flavours and many dishes. He wanted to bring that abundance of flavour and variety to festival crowds. Mudassar explains "This is festival food as you have never seen it before. We don’t just want it to be a place where you fuel and nourish yourself for the rest of the event. For us eating is one of life’s great pleasures. We have created a totally immersive experience that turns the eating part of your day into something unforgettable. Essentially it’s a journey of discovery with many different foods and flavours to explore."


The Khana Wala Dude is the Bazaar's main character. He looks down from the street façade at the fabulous food hub he has created. Mudassar comments;  "The Khana Wala Dude is the beating heart of the street, a character and focal point that embodies the street and that urge we all have to celebrate good times with fabulous food. He likes to indulge himself and invites you to explore his world."
The Khana Wala dude is bringing his unique bizarre to both Camp Bestival Shropshire and Camp Bestival Dorset this summer. Be sure to join in the fun and indulge yourself at one of Khana Wala’s 9 unique street food vendors. Let the feasting begin! 
Khana Wala Line-up:
Tandoori Quacks: an Indian delicacy – delicious duck burgers hailing from north Pakistan
The Famous Bombay Burger Boys: the most banging burgers you will ever sink your teeth into
Mister Kebab: char-grilled chicken and lamb kebabs of all varieties
Mr Butt’s Curry Hut: the tastiest curries from Lahore and Delhi
Captain Goa’s Veggie Kitchen: tangy vegan and veggie dishes from the beaches of South India
Bhaji’s Chai & Coffe: aromatic infused teas, hot drinks and of course coffee!
Chit Chaat: traditional chaat snacks, each bite an explosion of flavour and energy
Mango Mango Man: fresh mango and tropical juice blends of agha. The ultimate festival power up!
Wind Up: get your sweet kick with summery snow cones and tasty sweet snacks  




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